Which Magnesium Threonate is Best for Sleep?

Magnesium is a relatively new recommendation for better sleep. It plays an important role in regulating sleep and current research shows that extra magnesium can help the body relax and even improve insomnia symptoms. If you eat a balanced diet, you'll likely get enough magnesium. However, it's technically possible for a doctor to assess your magnesium levels, but the findings aren't very beneficial.

Some people with low magnesium levels sleep well, after all, and having it in their system is no guarantee of a sound repetition. While magnesium might improve sleep, it's not a substitute for a good sleep routine. Dr. Umeda recommends other supplements first, such as melatonin, valerian and chamomile tea. Magnesium glycinate, with magnesium linked to glycine, is highly bioavailable and is the best form of magnesium to take before bed.

We recommend approximately 200 mg of magnesium glycinate, which is the dose we use at UEN Sleep Support. Magnesium helps to sensitize cells to the effect of insulin, lowering blood sugar and reducing inflammation. Magnesium helps us relax, promote healthy sleep and reduce stress. All of these effects help to keep our brain healthier. For those looking for more specific side effects, such as promoting sleep quality or supporting cognition in general, magnesium l-threonate may be a better option if you are looking for more of these effects.

Because of the relationship between magnesium and sleep, in addition to glycinate and sleep, magnesium glycinate is the one that benefits sleep the most. The increased density of NR2B-containing NMDA receptors appears to be due to L-threonate improving neuronal intracellular magnesium levels. Magnesium citrate is most often used to treat magnesium deficiency and is often used to treat constipation in higher doses. Although many have tried to get magnesium through food, there are problems when they rely solely on food for magnesium. Taking magnesium can also help people who drink alcohol, since alcohol reduces the content of magnesium and vitamin B6 in the body. Magtein is an excellent magnesium supplement that can be added to water, but magnesium glycinate has an unpleasant taste.

Therefore, magnesium glycinate seems to be the best form of magnesium to help improve sleep. With the decrease in magnesium content in crops and the increase in consumption of processed foods, magnesium deficiencies in the population are becoming more frequent. Magnesium l-threonate can cross the blood-brain barrier and may be more effective in improving brain function and cognition. As for fully chelated magnesium glycinate, magnesium is chelated with glycine, which has good pH buffering activity and also helps promote calming effects. This supplement not only contains 325 mg of magnesium oxide and magnesium bisglycinate in each serving, but it also contains 25 mg of organic ashwagandha. Research has indicated that magnesium l-threonate is one of the only forms of magnesium that reaches and enters the brain efficiently at significant levels.

This allows the amino acid to bind to the reactive sites of the magnesium ion, significantly increasing the absorption capacity of magnesium. Like magnesium citrate, it is useful for treating magnesium deficiency and constipation, but it is also an effective treatment for heartburn.

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